The New For Paws!

Welcome to For Paws!

Who we are and What we offer

For Paws has been a local merchant for 10 years in the beautiful town of Fairfax, CA. We offer food and sundries for dogs, cats, rodents, chickens, and more.  We liken our experience to the Andy of Mayberry days.  Customers visit and chat.  Town folks talk about town stuff and the many visitors we meet from all over the country and the world always feel cheerful when they come in for the fist time.  Half the town comes to visit the Rescue Kitties. Free pet advise is always offered!

We sell only the highest quality sourced food and treats. We have over 3,000 line items to offer in a wide range of categories. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is 100%.  If we don't have it, we will try to get it, if you need it delivered (locally), we can drop your order off.  Come and see our wonderful new store and let us know what you think!

New!!! Self Wash Dog Bath now available!

First time ever for For Paws customers!
We have a beautiful large stainless steel bath where you can come and bathe your pooches. Pick your shampoo and if you need to groom a bit we offer brushes, combs, and scissors.  And if we aren't too busy, we can assist!

Big Doggie Dog Bath

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Nothing like a big clean happy dog!